Accasbel's Home - Cobh

Every once in a while I get an email asking something like "What's it like to live in Ireland?"
Well I sort of know the answer to that, and then again, I don't. What's it like to be a man / woman / astronaut or anything else?

This section is a sort of brain-dump, updated when the mood takes me. Maybe once for each of the seasons? Make what you will of it.

Cobh, home for the last 20 years or so

Cobh has a weekly newsletter which has an on-line version at The 'greatisle' bit comes from the name of the island in Cork Harbour on which Cobh is located - Great Island.

The Cobh and Harbour Chamber of Commerce website links to some of the places and activities in the locality.


Some mini-pictures of Cobh

Sail CentreTown Hall

Cuskinny Bay, closer to home

To west near sunsetNorth to lakeSunset (East, of course)

Cobh Art

I run a web site for the Sirius Arts Centre. This group is restoring the Old Yacht Club as an arts centre.


Theres a strong Tír link in the website in the form of the Ogham Cycle section.
You get a glimpse of the Ogham art in the pictures below. The full catalog is in the website.

Music, beer on the balcony

First Thursday of each month, there's an acoustic gig at Sirius.
Apart from the music, there's the opportunity to down free beer (or soft drinks) sponsored by Murphy's Brewery during the interval. Now that warmer weather is here the crowd spills out onto the balcony.
Night at Ogham #1 Night at Ogham #2
We can wander the galleries and/or lean over the balustrade and drink the sea view.
Cobh Night 1


To Tír na nÓg