Mac Carell , The Superintelligent Fish

There is a little cove, called Ballybrassil, on the southern shore of Tír na nÓg. For as long as folklore stretches back it has been the dwelling-place of Mac Carell, a fish composed 95% of brain.

Mac Carell

Such is the awe (or perhaps distain) in which lesser fish hold him that if caught in a tight spot, they will leave the water and hide in the undergrowth rather than be in his presence.

Fish hiding from Mac Carell

He is said to contain the memory and the wisdom of the ages within his cranium.
Many eminent scientists have attempted to communicate with Mac Carell but have been spurned by him. Even the dolphins have failed to gain his respect.


He should not be confused with the "Breadán Feasa" (The Salmon of Knowledge), whose flesh imparted wisdom to whosoever ate it.

Finn Mac Cumhail became a wise thumb-sucker after burning his thumb on the flesh of a Breadán Feasa as it was being cooked by Finegas. Before the event he was reputedly "as thick as two short planks".

Anyone wishing to emulate Finn's transformation by nibbling at Mac Carell should be aware of the following.

  1. Due to his great intelligence, the fish is impossible to catch.
  2. Consumption of his flesh would impart only fatness and not wisdom. He is a repository of wisdom, with no method as yet known for retriving that knowledge.
  3. Given the 95% brain makeup, consumption would probably be unwise in view of recent discoveries regarding the inclusion of anything to do with the central nervous system in the food chain.


How to capture the fish and access his store of knowledge?
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