For many years, ALIA provided IT development and consultancy services to businesses that were worthy of receiving unbelievably wonderful quality attention.
The business is no longer trading. Years of experience were accompanied by years of years.
I am now concentrating on huntin' shootin' 'n fishin' - or will do if I find the appropriate user manuals.

This website lives on to preserve some information on Sailing and on Ancient Ireland. Despite not having been expanded upon for many years, the pages seem still relevant and useful enough to result in regular visits from interested parties.


The remains of the days:
Alia Sailing Pages

Alia Sailing Pages - After years of sailing on a 'need to know' basis, I decided to go for formal certification. (I must be getting old or something.) These pages had their beginings in a Shore-based Day/Coastal Skipper course and some formal cruiser courses.
UPDATE: Yes. I did get old.


Tir na nOg - The Virtual Irish Cybercafe - this started purely as a design exercise. The word got around, and Tir na nOg took on a life of its own. The combination of content and fast-loading graphics plus a chat and message board that predated social media attracted steady traffic to the site.

  • Message Board (archive)
  • Mythology and Technology
  • Ogham and the Irish Language
  • Porridge and Java

Contact point: curator@alia (dot) ie