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This section is not intended to be any sort of "list it if it floats" directory.
The other sections of this site link by specific topic. In this section the links are to

  • Sites that provide extensive detail on sailing in general - sites that I have found to be useful.
  • Sites that provide good Ireland/UK-centric information.
  • The selections arise from my prejudices.

    The list will doubtless grow. Let's start small. Let's not worry (yet) about where to stop.

    Sailing Organisations

    The Irish Sailing Association (ISA) "Representing leisure boating activities on the Island of Ireland. - Governing Body of sail & powerboat racing and training through affiliated clubs and Recognised Training Establishments."

    The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the source for the UK.

    US Sailing "is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing in the United States"
    The site is (of course) US-centric, but contains information of universal interest.
    From a 'wannabe-skippers' point of view, I found the level of detail in the Levels and Standards for Keelboat System useful as a checklist. If you can't answer 'yes' to all of the skills in this, maybe you need to practice or go to school.
    The Safety section is also interesting. Check out the item on PFD's and the FAA before you try to take you auto-inflating lifejacket on holiday.


    Resources and Directories

    Sailnet keeps coming up with interesting articles. It's big, It's good.

    The Sailing Source has a good Resources section.

    The Sailing section of About.com may keep you occupied for some time. The site contains articles in addition to the external links.

    The UK Sailing Index aims to "bring you the consummate list of UK and Eire based sailing related web sites".


    There's more .... but I'll have to add things in dribs and drabs. I need to have a life :)